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A Good Storm

So you ask me
Why I'm so blue
Well, you got open fields
And blue, blue skies up above you

And your white clouds are never
Never turning gray
Oh, you got everything you need
Ask you, why must I be happy?

'Cause I don't need the sun to rise
In the mornin'
And I like my sky to stay dark and cloudy
You know I like a good storm when it comes

So let the cold take me in its arms
Sail you cynical man
Just like you've always been and
You said I'll die alone

That would be after you're gone and your
Harsh words still linger
And my friends keep on tellin' me to move on
Ask them why I let this consume me if it's all I want

'Cause I don't need to be loved or love someone
It's an empty space in my heart
Might never fill
But what do I care if I die alone?

Just let the cold take me in its arms
'Cause I don't need the sun to rise in the morning

A Good Storm lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Words & Music A Div Of Big Deal Music LLC

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