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Broken Home

Up the steps to the shattered windows
A broken home
Daddy's staring at the scene
What did I do now?
Where did I go wrong?

Father's tears tell me
Mother's gone
And I'm not welcome no more
Screaming at me
Sayin', "This is your fault
That she's gone"

"So get out of my house
You worthless son"
And he slams the door

And I am born again
Seems my family is dead
And this cold night
Is taking me in

All of my anger
Has brought me to tears
I take my first steps
With nothing but fear

Saw my mother
She was bruised and weeping
Guess Daddy didn't let her
Go so easy

I was just happy
To see her breathing
Even if she
Ain't got no time for me
No, she ain't
Got no time for me

Hey, children
Homes unbroken
Family all loving
None of you
Were ever unwanted

And you say, "Mother"
She's right there
And I say, "Father"
I wake up in fear

But all of my anger
Left over the years
And with my anger
Left my fear

So up the steps
To the shattered windows

A broken home

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