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Sawyer Performs "4 Pockets" on The Voice (video)

Sawyer performed "4 Pockets" off his upcoming album "A Good Storm" (releasing May 13th) on The Voice last night and he was incredible! If you haven't seen his performance yet, check it out here:

Social media was on fire last night with all the praise for Sawyer and "4 Pockets." Here are a few of the highlights:

From Yahoo Music: "A highlight of this Tuesday’s otherwise face-palming results show was the 17-year-old singer-songwriter’s triumphant return, as he performed his brooding, stormy new single, ‘4 Pockets.’…. He sounded like such a baby badass…”

A great review from Bustle. Be sure to read this one as there are too many great one-liners to quote! “completely blew everyone away. Seriously, it was SO good.”

Just a few of the tweets seen last night from The Voice and major media outlets:

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