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BOLDFACE Launches Sawyer Merch Line

BOLDFACE today announced the launch of the Sawyer Fredericks line of backpacks (

"I cannot fully express our gratitude. Sawyer and his team have been amazing and have made the launch of this line an enjoyable process for everyone involved," said BOLDFACE founder Randy Fenton. "What better way to launch this All-American talent than during Fourth of July weekend."

The Sawyer Fredericks Collection includes four different designs. All four designs were produced by renowned photographer Ray MacDonald Every backpack comes with BOLDFACE's patent pending "interchangeable face" feature that allows for the swapping of faces or covers, providing the backpack with a new look in seconds.

Consumers can purchase individual backpacks with one face for $59.95, individual faces for $19.95 or multi-packs containing one backpack and two or four faces.

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