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Truthful Tuesday Feb 15, 2022

"I just wish the anime fan base would call out this messed up stuff"

Woah 😮
it is time for my #Truthfultuesday 🙂
I know a good amount of my fans probably don’t watch anime, but I’m gonna talk a little about some of my thoughts on this ✌🏻 Most anime I see is pretty toxic, with the sexualization of very young people, unhealthy body expectations, and the glorification of un consensual behavior.
Shows like Berserk i see the portrayal of women as just people to protect, and also the portrayal of men as sex crazed, who will take any chance to take advantage of a woman. I watched Naruto when I was younger which has some pretty creepy pedophilia stuff in it, and it’s supposed to be comic relief. I enjoy watching anime, but then it gets to these parts where I’m just like what am I even watching 🤷🏼‍♂️
Now I’m not saying cancel anime lol 😂 One of my favorite movies is Spirited Away, and the storylines and artwork in most of the anime I’ve seen is wonderful. I just wish the anime fan base would call out this messed up stuff, and speak out against it, because then maybe the creators and writers will start to remove it from the content they create in the future ✌🏻

Truthful Tuesday Feb 15, 2022
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