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Windrake Farm

Windrake is the small Fredericks Family Farm committed to the humane, ethical and organic raising of pastured beef and dairy cattle, pigs and chickens.

In 2017 Team Sawyer Fans Jen and Deb organized a Team initiative to create a Charitable Donation Program to bring Fredericks Farm Meat

to TheTables of Neighboring Families in Need.

Jen and Deb's initiative was originally organized with the help of

Kirsten Fredericks to honor Sawyer's 18th Birthday.

The Windrake Farm to Family Donation Program Continues. 


To Donate to the Windrake Farm to Family Donation Program

Make Check or Money Order to Kirsten Fredericks, Please write

"gift certificate" in the memo section on the Check.

Send to: Kirsten Fredericks

               P.O. Box 98

               Fultonville NY 12072

Kirsten will issue gift certificates to local families in need, for purchase of a farm animal. The donation will cover the cost of housing and processing the animal from Farm to Table.

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Thank You For Donating 

Thank You Jen and Deb

Windrake Farm to Family Program is Not an Official Not-For-Profit. Donations are Not Tax Deductible.

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